Welcome to the future.

Welcome to B3 Coin.

Welcome to the Revolution

Fundamental Nodes are the Future. Join us as we prove it.

Script Algorithm PoSe

A Fast Script Algorithm PoS coin which is 12 times faster and 12 times more secure than sha-256 algorithm used by bitcoin's blockchain.

Secure & Fast

B3 Coin is a decentralized, transparent and open-source blockchain offering fast, reliable and secure transactions across a large user network.

Decentralized Exchange

Dex will revolutionize the way users buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Transactions will be fast, private, and secure.

SPV & Segwit

Simple payment verification and Segwit will make B3 one of the fastest coins on the market without the need to download the entire blockchain onto your device.


Proof-of-Stake is thousands of times more energy efficient than Proof-of-Work and allows users to verify the blockchain and earn block rewards by simply storing B3 Coin in their wallets. Our current Proof-of-Stake return rate is 100% APR and will go to 20% APR after block 110,000.

Decentralized Exchange

Centralized exchanges are subject to hacking, theft, and potential price manipulation as information is stored on private servers. The B3 team is working day and night to revolutionize how coins are mined, controlled, bought, and sold. Dex is a fully autonomous, decentralized exchange where all the information is stored on the blockchain. Dex will not only make every transaction secure and private, but will provide its users state-of-the-art algorithms and technical analysis to maximize profits while trading.

Fundamental Nodes w/ Proof of Disintegration

B3 is the first coin to develop and implement Fundamental Nodes (FN). A Fundamental Node is similar to a regular masternode in terms of the service it provides to the network but the coins used to purchase a Fundamental Node are destroyed. This reduces the overall supply of the coin over time as more Fundamental Nodes are added to the network. Fundamental Nodes receive 60% of the block reward while those staking receive 40%.

What is kB3?

B3 and kB3 are units of currency supported in the latest B3Coin wallet (v3.1.1.2+). Through a soft fork, the B3Coin dev team implemented support for a 1000:1 currency conversion in the wallet to ensure the longevity and future proofing of the currency. B3 is now not only the brand name but also the unit of currency used to support micro-payment while in parallel, kB3 is there to support macro-payments and trade. As the B3Coin dev team continues to innovate in this space, naturally we expect the value of the coin to increase overtime -- to handle this appreciation, the B3 wallet handles both units.

How does this impact the wallets and normal transactions/transfers?
The B3 wallets are backward and forward compatible with both units. If you send B3 to a wallet that has kB3 as their unit of display, it will show at the destination as kB3 and vice versa (see FAQ).

How does this impact the exchanges?
kB3 is the tradeable asset. B3Coin will be represented on exchanges as kB3, that is 1000 B3. When you buy and sell B3Coin, you are trading in 1000 B3 lots/bundles as kB3.

To summarize:
* Brand behind the innovative team.
* Support for micro-payments (avoid decimal conversions / calculations).

* Tradeable asset.
* Support for macro-payments.

* 1 kB3 = 1000 B3.
* Current Supply = 600 million kB3 (varies due to modern PoS system).

Available Exchanges

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Members & Counting

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Members & Counting

Annual Staking Rate































4th Quarter 2017
82k Block (Completed Ahead of Schedule)

Fundamental Nodes

Fundamental Nodes are service functions on the B3 Blockchain. These nodes aid in stabilizing the network. In return, a Fundamental Node is paid a reward from each block.  Creating a Fundamental Node reduced the overall supply of B3 Coin increasing scarcity and the value of the coin.

1st Quarter 2018


(Simple Payment Verification)
A technique described in Satoshi Nakomoto’s paper. SPV allows a lightweight client to verify that a transaction is included in the Bitcoin blockchain, without downloading the entire blockchain.


In the first quarter of 2018 we plan on launching B3 Coin on more exchanges. More to be announced soon.

2nd Quarter 2018
110k block

Decentralized Exchange

A decentralized exchange network that will allow you to swap any crypto currencies or tokens without an intermediary exchange network.

B3 Core Updates

The release of important core updates to the B3 Coin code allowing us to implement Segwit, lightning network and more.

Upgraded Wallet

Improvements to the core B3 Wallet with support for all new features.


B3 coin will be the first POS coin with Segwit together with Fundamental Nodes.

Future Plans for B3


The future of B3 is bright and buzzing with excitement. We will continue to listen to our amazing community and look forward to putting our outstanding team to work to improve our brand, introduce new technology, and strengthen investor relationships. We will be scaling the network to meet the tremendous global demand and continue to prepare for our next generation, decentralized exchange, HybriDEX. We’re reaching far and wide to partners and investors around the globe to bring thrilling new opportunities in the marketplace.