A new team was established from the community in mid Jan. There are currently ~45 people working on B3 in varying capacities with new leadership. These roles include business development, social media, web content, exchanges, special projects, moderators, community relations, developers, security, technical support.

Over the last few months this new team has been focused on establishing the basics, and understanding and promoting the technical innovations. We are the first to innovate, develop and implement Proof of Disintegration (PoD) successfully into a blockchain, giving birth to the world’s first Fundamental Nodes (FNs).

PoD completely destroys coins from the blockchain when a user sends enough coins to create a FN. Reducing circulating/total supply, PoD eliminates the risk of coins re-entering the supply, a significant attribute/innovation over Proof of Burn (PoB) which traditionally accumulates coins in an external wallet, hiding coins from the supply, with the possibility of re-entering at a later date.

While PoD only currently works in the creation of FNs, B3 Coin plans to implement more supply reducing features using PoD, such as micro-disintegrations on transactions.

With the release of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the horizon, B3 Coin is positioned to be a unique “supply-disintegration machine”. Reducing supply, rewarding FN operators and with a 30,000+ supportive community, our DEX will stand alone with a promising future in the cryptosphere.

B3 Coin combines the growing support of its community, with the success of integrating PoD, and our unique “supply-disintegration machine” of a DEX to be released in the future, B3 Coin will take the lead in anti-inflationary coins.

If you would like to stay on the pulse of the team’s activity, please join discord and come to the community meetings which happen every other week on Wednesday at 9pm GMT.

We are currently investigating an interesting possibility which would enhance our roadmap greatly. We are in the process of doing some due diligence around this, and need to spend more time working through it. We will provide more information once we are able to do so with confidence.

We continue to be heads-down working on the coin and its future. We will update this once again as events unfold.