Fundamental Nodes – Announcement!

By February 7, 2018 No Comments

Due to a code issue we are extending the 20,000 kB3 cost of a Fundamental Node (FN) to block 105,000.

We understand that isn’t what has been planned for this coin, but we need to release an updated wallet which fixes the code defect and enables the 15,000 kB3 FN.

Because we care about our investors, we have also decided to make the following changes:

– Staking rewards will remain at 100% APR until block 110,000. This will ensure that the FNs which cost 15,000 kB3 will still have 5,000 blocks of 100% rewards.
– FN Expiry will be removed from the code. We understand that it is confusing to have something in the code which may or may not be used. Please be aware that we still need to work through the coin supply solution as part of our larger business model.

We will also be updating the branding in the wallet to match the colors/logo of the existing website.

Please know we will need everyone to upgrade to this wallet when it comes out, to enable the lower priced FNs. This wallet should be out within a few days, once it has been tested.